Thanks to Everyone

I would like to thank Gary and Angela and all of the wonderful artists who have contributed to this historic exhibition. I am not sure any other museum can claim to have had the first contemporary, international group art exhibition in space. If anyone knows of such I would like to hear about it. Otherwise, congratulations to everyone for our wonderful success. I see that there are many fine works and what an inspiring display of global participation with artists from 26 countries! It is also a pleasure to see photos of all of the artists.

The shuttle missions will take off, I believe once this fall and the other early next year. So we will have to see what we can do to stir up some interest in our project as the launches approach. We shall like to have the exhibit travel around the surface of the world as well as in orbit and be seen by many. If you think you can arrange an exhibition in your city please drop a line to discuss the idea and place your city on the itinerary. The exhibitions will have to be arranged much like the Book About Death, in established art centers, museums or other art gallery environments. The exhibits could be as short as a week or even weekend so that we can arrange as many as possible in the coming months. If you have a science museum in your area perhaps they may have an interest in such an exhibit.

If you have a website or other online blog, network site page etc. please post an image of Angela's lovely rocket postcard and a link to this blog to help draw more audience to the exhibition.

Again thank you for making this a great exhibition.
Cecil Touchon, Director
The Fluxmuseum


Bee Box said...

Beautiful!!! I'm very very happy!


John Glen and Stanley Kubrick are very pleased with Fluxface in Space.

Nikki Soppelsa said...

Book arrived today...beautiful! The whole event is beautiful!
Happy to be a participant...

Nikki Soppelsa