Fluxface in Space Exhibited in Chicago

As a part of Fluxfest Chicago at the Contemporary Art Museum in Chicago, Fluxface in Space including all the images of art and the images of the artists' self portraits was exhibited on a music stand in the performance area.
All participants may add a line to their exhibition resumes:

Group Exhibition
Fluxface in Space at Fluxfest Chicago 2011 - The Museum of Contemporary Art, Chicago -  Chicago Illinois

Cecil Touchon, Director
The Fluxmuseum


Gary A. Bibb said...

Wonderful Cecil! Thank you and all those who provided the opportunity.

mythmara said...

This gives me a warm feeling, thanks for inviting us to participate.

Leora Lutz said...

how exciting! thanks so much for putting this together!

Unknown said...

art has touched the stars! thanks Cecil for bringing dreams to reality