Babette Angel (29)

Babette Angel (Australia)
Space Shuttle Mission: STS - 134

This artwork pays tribute the role animals took in early exploration of space to pave the way for man, where animals are valued less than a human and used in experiments. Monkeys and Chimps were chosen by NASA because of their closeness to human physiology. Baker, a Squirrel Monkey took part in the Bioflight 2 series, travelling in a Jupiter Rocket AM18 on 28 May 1959. Mankind is quick to abuse animals for their own use and exploitation, ill treating farm animals for food. It’s a pity we do not continue to respect all animals as a spin-off from the space programs and treat them with kindness.


Fluxface in Space said...

Thank you Babette!

Cecil Touchon said...

Work arrived by post. Thanks! Looks good.