Kelly Gorman (87)

Kelly Gorman (USA)
Space Shuttle Mission: STS - 133

"Collage, Photomontage and the Universe".

Artists and Astronomers physically explore the universe in order to redefine and engage with existence. Just as the universe is constantly expanding, so is our knowledge of life close to us and the existence of space that is far from us. Culture may be our local knowledge base, but we must ask ourselves how we define culture and ourselves in relation to the universe as a whole?
Redefining our place and role in the universe allows us to understand the source of creation, whether that is the creation of all forms of life or humans creating works of art. This acknowledgement and exploration of existence provides grounding in an understanding of our role in the universe. Collage and photomontage incorporate collections of symbols, metaphors and thoughts of life lived. This juxtaposition of remnants in the creation of art allows for new thoughts and representations to be conveyed in a contemporary way. Elements that appear to be merged together randomly form new waves of thought. They allow us to question the fundamental relationship of object and space in ways we never would have imagined. The universe teaches us that every atom in existence can form and reshape itself to become something wholly new in its ever-flowing process. Collage and photomontage can be said to represent this process of retrieving, reusing and reshaping parts that become something all together new.

Written by Kelly Gorman


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