Gary A. Bibb (25)

Gary A. Bibb (USA)
Space Shuttle Mission: STS - 134

I've long held the view that artists are explorers and it was that concept which quickly became a basis for the Fluxface in Space project. Astronomers, astronauts and artists alike are pioneers continually engaged in an adventure full of new discoveries and new possibilities.

The artwork I chose to create for this exhibition is composed of found objects recovered while I was first contemplating this project. Before finalizing and releasing the Fluxface in Space call for art, I uploaded my self-portrait to NASA as a "test flight" to ensure the procedures were manageable. Once I had conformation of a successful transfer - the countdown for the exhibition began.


Mythmara said...

Hi Gary - nice that we can meet in space... xx mt

Cecil Touchon said...

Work arrived by post. Thanks! Looks good.