Elizabeth Beckmann (97)

Elizabeth Beckmann (USA)
Space Shuttle Mission: STS - 133

Parallax in Space 4x6

To always have questions and never enough answers, to always be at the beginning and never seeing the end, to always and never and back again the spiral turns in on itself as the scientist and the artist apply their knowledge and creative energies to their surroundings and beyond.

Rethinking space and time while maintaining the accumulative erudite works of those who came before them, the artist and scientist make it new. So new that each side’s nomenclatures change the everyday vocabulary of conventional thinking - Space/Time Continuum, Cubism, Quantum Mechanics, OP, Surrealism, Redshift, etc. Artist from Giotto to Rachel Whiteread and people of science such as Aristotle to Stephen Hawking create new space/time perceptions. Artists such as Paul Cezanne, and Jo Baer redefined the dimensions of space and time, as did Eisenstein and Gabriele Veneziano.

The mad scientist and the eccentric artist make good partners as well as real-life artist and scientist do. Andy Warhol and Billy Kluver from Bell Labs made the floating pillows. Arts and science conferences convene yearly in NY and other major cities worldwide. Vast are the similarities between artist and physicist that Leonard Shlain, parallels the advancements in arts to that in physics in his book Art and Physics. Simply put, artist and scientist deconstruct the parallax so easily because they have more fun doing it than any one else.

Layered w/silver pigment & combined w/geometric, OP Parallax in Space refracts light, hides & shows star design.

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