David Symons (43)

David Symons (UK)
Space Shuttle Mission: STS - 134

Golden discs, a picture of a man and woman holding hands, letters, music, mirrors, DNA models and the actual space craft that carry them are all they will find of our civilization after a million years of drifting through space.
What will the life forms that find it make of our culture?
Perhaps the space craft will crash on another planet and bacteria will ooze from the wreckage in to a lifeless sea and thrive and the whole cycle will start again?


Fluxface in Space said...

Thanks David.

NASA's deep space explorer satellites carry data about life on Earth. Here is a site about the "Golden Records" - http://voyager.jpl.nasa.gov/spacecraft/goldenrec.html

David Symons said...

Yes that does bring back memories. I was always interested how a different species would interact with our technology and way of seeing.
It reminds me of my old daydream of what to design for a future race of humans to warn them against going in to a nuclear waste deposit. Perhaps that should be a new project?