Cecil Touchon & Noor Touchon (50)

Cecil Touchon (USA)
Space Shuttle Mission: STS - 134

Director of the Ontological Museum - ontologicalmuseum.org
Space is a pretty scary place when you start thinking about it very deeply. It is so big and empty and silent. Then to imagine being stuck on a little tiny space ship floating around a planet that you always felt at home on and see it as a little ball slowly spinning around in circles. It must look so fragile from up there and so spectacular and majestic. Then to look around and see that ocean of stars that stretches out at an unimaginable distance. It must be dumbfounding and stressful and yet exhilarating! The emotion of it must be hard to describe. Then to think of how precious life is and to wonder at how we can be so unappreciative of our lives and willing to be so cruel and unfeeling toward each other when our joint existence is so tenuous. I appreciate the space program for what it has done to widen the horizons of those with imagination.

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Fluxface in Space said...

Thank you Cecil for your inspiration, assistance and participation!