Gretchen Biebaum (92)

Gretchen Biebaum (USA)

Space Shuttle Mission: STS - 133

Collage titled: “Reaching for the Stars”

My collage/painting techniques very often have an abstract atmosphere of “floating” designs where the concept of space and time can be perceived. This phenomena may stem from my personal history with my father working at NASA. I have followed the space program since I was a child. My father worked on the moon landing as an engineer at the Lewis Space Laboratory in Cleveland, Ohio. When we landed on the moon, I was so excited that I chipped a tooth eating some food as I was watching television. My father was so immersed in the project that he did not watch the actual event.

Attached to my collage titled “Reaching for the Stars” is my father’s 25-year NASA service pin. He passed away 40 years ago when I was young so I cling to every object that he touched and think about him every time I watch a shuttle launch.


Fluxface in Space said...

Gretchen - Thank you for sharing!!!

mike said...

Well done! Now your CV can be upgraded from international showings to intergalactic.
Mike Zim

Anonymous said...

Looking forward to seeing your art obtain such a lofty position in the world, or out of this world, or whatever.

Mike S.