Vicky Cull (53)

Vicky Cull (United Kingdom)
Space Shuttle Mission: STS - 133

Title of image : Major William A. Anders, USAF, Apollo 8 Mission.


I am interested in taking the seemingly ordinary and making it extra-ordinary. I work with found imagery; embellishing, re-working, manipulating and re-constructing these supposedly one-dimensional works to create a multi-faceted and multi-dimensional finished product. For these Fluxface works I have looked at the idea of the Sublime as discussed by Lyotard, the idea that the stars in the sky are finite but the number is so enormous that we cannot, as humans, compute its actuality. I hope that in some way the images discuss this, letting the viewer think of the nearly unfathomable dimensions of space.


WEE-HOO said...

Love your face art too Vicki--way cool!!!!

Fluxface in Space said...

Vicky - Thank you for participating.