Dilar Pereira (58)

Dilar Pereira (Portugal)
Space Shuttle Mission: STS - 134

Space and art in our lives

There are numerous aspects to pulling together such an association:
how these universes will be explored and confronted; the centrality of
both in the encounter of self; some integrity problems to address;
queries over alterity must be efficient in order to scale; the
interaction and visualization must afford both an effective
stimulating and finite negotiation as a means to interrogate their
content meaningfully; and so on…

Space exploration plays a vital role through highly interactive search
of data under conflicting environments. Art provides a data framework
in which patterns and implications inherent in the content yields a
variety of visualizations and multi-dimensional representations that
generate highly individual specific content exploration, meaning and
appreciation direct or intuitive.

Space and art could be pretexts to flourish and expand the horizons of
individual and collective knowledge. What sustains a comprehensive
meaning of both worlds is the basis of an ancient idea of mimetic
aptitude suggesting that the ability to mime is the capacity to
realize the Other. And this other is a representation of oneself. It
corresponds to configurations that ultimately are reached through
space exploration and art by the understanding of concepts such as
abstraction, scale, arbitrariness or simplification in conjunction to
one self.


Fluxface in Space said...

Fantastic Dilar! Thank you for participating.

dilarp said...

Thank you and all the people out there at International Museum of Collage, Assemblage and Construction and FluxFace in the Space. Thanks Cecil for the ever evolving ideas and fruitful projects.
All the best,

Angela Ferrara said...
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